Saturday, August 14, 2010

Vertically Striped Radio - Episode 68 - 08-14-10 - Murphy's Law Edition...The Audio Trainwreck!

Vertically Striped Radio - Episode 68
This was the Murphy's law edition of Vertically Striped Radio. Everything that could go wrong, did. First of all, Face had an emergency in his family, so he wasn't able to call in. Next, my son's nap didn't take at first, so I went to play a clip from "The Moth" which is a terrific podcast of people sharing stories from their lives...only the audio clip crapped out after a minute, so I tried it again...and it crapped out again. So, listeners got to hear me put my son into his bed against his wishes for a nap that he desperately needed. Riveting radio, I'm sure. One thing that did go right is Episode 2 of "The Shek Republic in a Week." which was a solid edition of people giving their take on mustard. I played my buddy Doug's goof-up as he worked dispatch for the Colorado State Patrol, and I had a Magnificent Seven list of the 7 Best Zoo animals. It was mostly Craig flying solo until the Whale jumped in for the final 15 minutes. The music recommendation was Arcade Fire's "Half Light II (No Celebration)" from their new album "The Suburbs" We had our moments this week, although mainly it was an audio train wreck...I guess they can't all be home runs. This one surely wasn't.

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