Thursday, August 19, 2010

"Seprit but not Eqwil" by The Ed

Who am I to question Genius? Presented in it's entirety and without several badly needed edits...Vertically Striped Socks is proud to present the mind altering "Seprit but not Eqwil" by The Ed...

"Things go around like they say they shuld, but aint evrythang created the way it shuld be. We got birds and bees and a’s and b’s. But some bees sting and some b’s spell. It is like when you look in the tallest part of the world and see that it aint that far away if you got airplane ticket mony. Things are never what they seem to be unless you find that the trooth is lying in the underfolds of your belly. Dirt is part of the planet, yet most people hate getting dirty. Why wuld that be? Do you think you cant get dirt on you becuz you aint got enuff mony to buy some tide or Clorox. I meen these things are all queschins that are never reely ansered by the people who make up the queschins and ansers for tv and radio. Peeple think that just becuz you got a house or a condo that living by the numbers is just a random occurance. Well it aint, the numbers get divided by 3 and then you add 4 to them and then you get the true meening of separit but not eqwil. As I approach the final stages of my eggsistence I see that the wurld has become a wurld of hello-intelligence and goodbye to you ignorance. The wurld cannot cuntinue two be spaced out in a rage of humility and destinations covered by a pyrax of determination. You just gotta count you blessings and if you got less than 10 then you is in a big truble spot of mellodation. This is all I can say two get you two reelize the pertination of eggzamination two get the wurld back two where it belongs."

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