Sunday, August 29, 2010

Broncos Gameday Recap: Preseason Game 3 - vs Steelers

Broncos 34 Steelers 17

Finally! The Broncos have a preseason game in which they look splendid. And there was much rejoicing!

There is only so much I can comment about this game, as I watched it without sound inside a Japanese Steakhouse. I am a committed Broncos fan, but Hibachi trumps preseason football.

Hide the women and children, Ben Roethlisberger is in town...What? Too soon?

Of the things I can say for certain...

Caution, coach ahead. No offense, Josh, but that is one ugly shirt you're sporting tonight.

-I'd really like someone to explain to me why Josh McDaniels had a traffic cone on the back of his shirt on Sunday night.

It's not like Mike Tomlin looked much better in the goofy traffic cone shirt.

-Tonight probably marked the best a player named Syd'Quan has ever played in an NFL game. Syd'Quan Thompson was a monster. Since Thompson wears number 43 and has the same crazy Tasmanian Devil haircut as Troy Polamalu, I can only assume that Troy is his hero. On this particular evening, playing across the field from a man that I imagine he must idolize, the rookie outplayed Polamalu. Taking an interception back 48 yards for a score, and almost doing the same with a tremendous punt return in the 4th quarter.

Tim Tebow...Leader of Men. I like this kid.

-Tim Tebow showed some glimpses both of the reason that the Broncos decided to move up to draft him along with the reasons so many others felt that was a terrible decision. His 3rd quarter interception led to the Steelers first touchdown, but at least he hustled to make the tackle, and then he made up for it by leading the Broncos on a 74 yard touchdown drive. Hopefully, Broncos fans won't need to see him on the field this year, as Kyle Orton has been pretty solid this preseason, but it's nice to see some glimpses of potential from the 1st rounder.

Okay, Kyle. Celebrating is good. Making tackles and getting yourself hurt in preseason game is not.

-Memo to Kyle Orton: Please don't try to make tackles in meaningless preseason games! After throwing what appeared to be an interception (It was later overturned by the zebras), Orton tried to run down the defender and took a licking making the play in the 2nd quarter. There is simply no reason Orton should try to do that. His health is far too important to the Broncos at this juncture, and this game was essentially meaningless. Save it for when it matters, Kyle.

Chubby, yet lovable...LenDale White!

-I know his NFL tenure has been marred by laziness, distractions, and cheeseburgers, but I can't help it. I enjoy having LenDale White on the Broncos. Hometown boys are always fun to cheer for, and hopefully White can make an impact this year, even if just a little bit. It was good to see him get into the end zone.

-If Brady Quinn even makes this team, it should be as nothing more than the 3rd string quarterback. Quinn just doesn't look right back there. He came in the play after Orton got pounded and with a severe deer in the headlights look, took a sack. I think Tebow is the better choice as second on the depth chart at quarterback right now.

My boy Matt Willis goes flying into the air on a kickoff return.

-My newly adopted favorite son Matt Willis had another solid night with three catches for 55 yards. With Brandon Stokely still trying to get healthy, perhaps that will open up a spot for Willis. I'm ever hopeful, as I even drafted him on my fantasy football team today...Granted, he was one of my last picks in a 32 team league with 21 roster spots...but still, he is on the Vertically Striped Llamas, and we are hoping that he will get a chance to make an impact this year. (In a related note, a 32 team league with 21 roster spots is ridiculous. I can't recommend strongly enough against it. Our draft took 4 hours and 11 minutes today.)

Bully effort by the defensive boys tonight.

-So, the Broncos are finally in the win column in the preseason. I guess this is a good thing, but I'm more impressed that the defense finally looked somewhat solid tonight. I remain cautiously optimistic that this team will not completely suck. At the moment, I'm thinking around 7-9, and hoping for much better. One thing we will probably lead the league in is players named Syd' that's something.

Anyway, I probably won't be watching next week as there is no reason that any logical human being should subject themselves to the final preseason game, so until the regular season kicks off and these games actually start to matter...Go Broncos!

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