Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fantasy Football Spoils: Round 2

Nothing says stud like a guy in orange earmuffs!

What do Earl Campbell and bright orange earmuffs have in common? Well, besides this blog post, not much, but the good news is that the gifts keep coming in from my momentous fantasy football victory in my league. There were no monetary rewards for winning the league, but the victory came with it’s own rewards. Which you can read about here:

How cool are these?!?

However, the second wave of gifts has been equally illustrious. From way up in Canadia, The Ryan sent me some retro Denver Broncos earmuffs. This gift was equal parts weird and glorious. Although if it has the D logo from the 1980’s on it and it’s bright orange…it’s probably going to find my favor.

This is how you're supposed to keep football men, in their box.

The second gift I received was from Joe out in Maryland. He sent me an Earl Campbell football man. Which I thought was a much better selection than the guy he told me he was looking for, which would have been a Jamarcus Russell football man. I dig the MacFarlane football figurines, and now I own one of my very own. I know you’re supposed to be cool and leave them in their packaging, but screw that. Earl Campbell is now perpetually ready to break tackles on my desk at work.

I didn't want to keep Earl trapped in plastic, though.

(Jamarcus Russell would probably not have earned a spot on the desk, seeing as he’s a Raider and all) There is something very aesthetically pleasing about the old Houston Oilers uniform, and Earl gives my desk a nice touch of class. (And yes, those are cereal boxes on my cubicle walls. I like the color, plus I enjoy being a little different.)

My desk at work...Earl Campbell adds just the right touch.

Joe's wife even made a vertically striped sock with construction paper which doubled as a card. It was very creative, and I dug it, even if the colors weren't right.

"Thanks Joe's wife!"

So thanks to The Ryan, and as become custom to say around the chatroom, "Thanks Joe!"

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