Saturday, February 13, 2010

Vertically Striped Radio - Episode 38 - The Stoner's Igloo

The Olympics are starting, and to celebrate...we barely talked about the Olympics.

Face Ventura and The Whale called in to help me crown the Super Bowl Commercial Champion, we remembered the career of Casey Kasem and played our very own long distance dedication, a song from Fourthand26's girl to him for his birthday/Valentine's Day.

The Ed called in to promote this evening's Super Baby Fights, he described how little he cares for the movie Avatar, and he explained why he thinks that men can't really have real relationships with women. (We agreed to disagree on that one.)

We finished up actually talking a little winter Olympics and also giving an update (and talking a little smack) about the NHL 94 tournament over at

The music recommendation this week was "No Room" by The Samples.

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