Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Good Super Bowl, Better Cake.

Yeah, so the Saints winning 31-17 against the Colts was fun and surprising, but the real story on Sunday was the food.

For those unfamiliar with my Super Sunday routine over the past five years, my buddy Doug and I have develped quite the concept. We have an unparty. We decided what we liked about Super Bowl parties was the football, food and commercials, and what we disliked was the party. The overabundance of humans makes it hard to follow the football, and almost as importantly...hard to hear the commercials. Our solution? The unparty. We load up on food, we gather around Doug's beautiful High Def television, and we pretty much lock out the world.

Okay, so the whole concept of "unparty" has been stretched pretty thin lately since the past two years has not only included Doug and me, but also our buddy Bill...all three of our wives, and all five of our kids. Yeah, our "unparty" had eleven people at it, but we maintain that it is still an unparty because NO ONE else is welcome now. We've reached the cap. An unparty can have no more than 11 people. Sorry, no need to fill out an application to join, membership is now closed. The unparty is THE way to go, I strongly recommend starting your own next year.

Anyway, when it came to food, We had the requisite chicken wings, buffalo chicken cheese dip, chips, popcorn, Chicken McNuggets, and Lil Smokies to beat the band, of course. However, the real Pièce de résistance was this beautiful and delicious cake, courtesy of Katy Newton. She made a Cardinals cake last year, which was very cool, and this year, she outdid herself with a pretty solid version of both the Saints and Colts logos. She's a very talented frosting artist, as you can see.

Anyway, congrats to Drew Brees and company, and here's hoping that next year the cake features a Broncos logo!

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