Saturday, November 28, 2009

Vertically Striped Radio - Episode 27: Coaches gone wild and the Jesus Iron

We had some fun crazy people in the news, including a drunk guy ramming a hot dog stand, a stupid guy trying to turn a drive-up ATM into a Drive-away ATM, and a woman who sees Jesus in her Iron.

Behold the glory of the Jesus Iron!

Aaron Young of the No Name Show dropped in to tell us about a man who lived as a zoo exhibit in the World's Fair around 100 years ago, and Face Ventura helped me co-pilot the show as we did a fantastic version of the Magnificent 7 - Top Seven Football Coach Freakouts at Press Conferences.

Face also tried to defend the honor of Thanksgiving turkey, as my family celebrated the holiday with BBBQ Brisket, and I've got to say I haven't had any complaints about the decision here locally.

The Vertically Striped Music Recommendation was "Rock Spectacle" a live album from the Barenaked Ladies, and another one of my all time faves from the mid-nineties.

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