Monday, July 27, 2009

I'm not the president of Uniwatch, but I am a Member!

Paul Lukas, of UniWatch fame, has a regular column on He's also a real swell guy, as he helped me with some great links and photos for my blog when I was trying to get it up and running with some pictures of the Broncos and their 1960's era Vertically Striped Socks. He is a uniform aficionado to put it mildly, and he's forgotten more about uniforms than you or I will ever know. Plus his website is pretty darn awesome.

On his website over at, he has a membership program. It costs fifteen dollars to join, and you get a few perks besides just membership into his exclusive club. You also get extra entries into his drawings when he does his regular raffles, and best of get a membership card! The cards are based on sporting uniforms, and most of the time, they include your last name and a number of your choosing in whichever sports uniform you fancy.

Paul only has a few rules for his cards, Your name must match the name style of the team you are selecting. If you get a Yankees uniform, for instance, you can't have a name on the back, because the Yanks don't wear names on the backs of theirs. Also, Paul has an irrational hatred of the color purple, so don't even think about requesting anything with even the slightest hint of purple, as that's a no go. As he puts it on his website:

In keeping with longstanding Uni Watch chromatic policy, we will not execute any design that includes even a tiny bit of purple. Yes, this rule is very arbitrary. And no, it is not negotiable.

He is willing to consider weird requests, and my request is his first ever sock related request. Rather than having a uniform with a number on it, I requested the sock pattern for the Broncos Vertically Striped Socks, for obvious reasons. Paul loves stirrups and socks, and he gladly accepted my request, and so the end result was the card that is at the top of this post. I can't wait to get my laminated card in the mail. I'm as excited as Grizzly Bear in the tuna exhibit of the aquarium. Plus, I must say my card is quite handsome, I'm very ready to proudly carry it in my wallet.

As an added bonus, Paul made a quick mention of my blog, and as a result the hits on my website skyrocketed. I usually get between fifteen to forty hits a day, however, on the day his link went up, that flew up to over 800 hits. I know it's not a ton of hits for a major website, but for me it's amazing! So thank you, Paul. You're doing the Lord's work, sir!

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