Thursday, October 4, 2012

Random Broncos Thoughts - Game 4 - vs Raiders

Broncos 37 Raiders 6

Crushing the Raiders by 31 points was fantastic. Getting to see it from Club Level seats that I won in a contest...even better! Not a whole lot to complain about with this one. Peyton Manning still not showing a whole heck of a lot of arm strength, but even with his wet noodle arm, he still carved up the Raiders and looked spectacular. The defense was outstanding, and the 3rd quarter was one of the best I can remember. Three touchdowns, the defense held Oakland to four three and outs, plus we got a blocked punt. Total domination in a game that was full of domination to the point that the Broncos never punted.

Things that worry me...

Demaryius Thomas fumbling the ball when trying to switch hands to make it harder to strip the ball from him. It was so bad that for the rest of the game, any time Thomas made a catch my cousin Tawni and I would turn to each other after he was tackled and yell, "He didn't fumble!" a bit too enthusiastically.

I never need to see Matt Prater throw the ball ever again. Wow, that was painful.

Why is Jim Leonhard returning punts? A super slow safety back to recieve doesn't inspire any kind of confidence that something wonderful might happen. You know that slightly dangerous feeling you have whenever your team punts to Devin Hester? This is the complete opposite of that. If all goes perfectly, the Broncos will get a 12 yard return.

The Broncos may have turned into juggernauts on Sunday, or more likely the Raiders are hot garbage. I'm hopeful that Peyton Manning will continue on this hot streak. (Dude went 30-38 for 338 yards, 3 touchdowns and no interceptions.) The bad news is that the Broncos don't get to play Oakland every Sunday, and the big bad Patriots are up next. Here's hoping Sunday was the start of something big.

The view from the not cheap seats!

Good times with my cousin!

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