Saturday, October 27, 2012

Vertically Striped Radio - Episode 184 - 10-27-12 - A Scholar but not a Gentleman

Craig did his best to pay attention to the show while still watching his K-State Wildcats try to pull out a win at home versus Texas Tech. Showing the range of his professionalism, he manages to deliver a show while watching the game. (It helped that K-State won 55-24) 

We ended up talking about sportsmanship in blowouts with Face, talked about Hurricane Sandy with The Whale (a hurricane of which Face was unsurprisingly completely unaware) and we talked a little Walking Dead with Elevation. We also spent several minutes breaking down an epic moment in our nation's political history. (If you are unsure of which we speak, Google "Mitt Romney and Meatloaf" and enjoy the unintentional comedic goodness) 

Face and Craig finished up with a Magnificent Seven list of our Top 7 Television Shows and then the show wrapped with a musical recommendation of "Cruel and Beautiful World" by Grouplove.

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