Saturday, September 29, 2012

Vertically Striped Radio - Episode 180 - Warm Greetings from the Napkin Making Machine

Everything was turning up Craig's way this week as he won club level Broncos seats, was preparing for a trip to see the Wildcats next week, and was weighing in at his lowest weight in years...naturally he was excited. 

The Whale filled in as the most regular caller of the week with Face unavoidably detained, and indiesarah helped out by providing the hurt Packer fan's perspective on the Monday night Green Bay robbery in Seattle as we did the Magnificent Seven - Top 13 Most Ridiculous Replacement Referee moments. (Doing 13 items in a 7 item list feels like a fitting tribute to the men who determined that Monday Night's game was a Seahawks win.)

We then welcomed in Face halfway through the show and handed out tickets to deserving wankers as well as providing a Man of the Match award to Kim Constantinesco of for allowing Craig to win Broncos-Raiders tickets. 

 The show wound down with a very important and seminal flatulence discussion and then a wonderful story about an old man's garden. We then wrapped up with a musical recommendation of two songs from Mumford & Sons new album "Babel". The two songs were "Broken Crown" and "Below My Feet".

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