Monday, September 10, 2012

Random Broncos Thoughts - Game 1 - vs Steelers

Broncos 31 Steelers 19

-That game is going to be hard to beat. Epic start to the season. It's good to be 1-0.

-After a full offseason of people wondering if he still has what it takes, it had to be gratifying to Peyton Manning to prove that while he may be older there is still some hitch in his giddy-up.

-Orange balloons are more fun than they should be.

-It's hard to express just how much I dislike Ben Roethlisberger. I was reading Twitter, and one tweeter described him as a giant jellyfish. Something humongous yet impossible get a firm grasp on. I'll grant you that he's good if you grant me that he's impossibly unlikable.

-Did Steelers fans have Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder flashbacks seeing Demaryius Thomas dashing towards the end zone on a long TD?

-Broncos defense failed on eleven of nineteen 3rd downs. Got to get off the field on third down, and the Broncos were struggling WAY too much with that last night. 3rd and 18 shouldn't feel as difficult as the Broncos were making it in the third quarter. The pass defense was covered up by Peyton's mastery and a critical pick six by Tracy Porter, but if they can't get more pressure at critical times, it will cost the Broncos this year.

-Did I mention that Peyton Manning looked okay?

-Huge thanks to my cousin Tawni who surprised me Sunday morning with a call asking if I'd like to go to the game. I had to think about it for about six milliseconds.

-Tailgating with Greek people is an experience. Ouzo shots are dangerous but they do get one loosened up quickly. Oddly I dislike black licorice, yet still enjoy Ouzo. Opa!

-Manning was a surgeon at the line. There are few things more fun than being at the game when Peyton Manning steps to the line, reads the defense, and audibles to the perfect play FOR YOUR TEAM! I can totally get used to this.

-Yes, it is possible to sit BEHIND the jumbotron. I had no idea.

-No, just because you're sitting in literally the last row, it doesn't mean you can't have fun. There are no bad seats, only bad fans.

-That stadium was ORANGE on Sunday night. I've attended Steelers-Broncos games in Denver where it felt like thirty percent of the stands were yellow. The Steelers percentage was miniscule. I was so proud.

-When they announced the attendance, there were only 181 no shows. I can't remember the number ever being that low, and I've been going to games since 1984.

-I can talk a big game about how I was super confident the Broncos would win, but with three minutes to go, I was terrified that the big jellyfish was going to lead Pittsburgh to a 1 point win. Thank God that Tracy Porter ended the drama with minimal distress.

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