Saturday, September 24, 2011

Vertically Striped Radio - Episode 127 - 09-24-11 - Weird Al: An Appreciation

The Final VSR for September had the gang in a musical mood. After a Colorado themed newscast, we discussed how REM split up this week after decades together, Craig and John Kline discussed their favorite REM songs. We played "How Old Is _____?" with a bevy of rock stars and most importantly for today's show, we celebrated the genius that is Weird Al. Face tried his best to be helpful, but apparently he isn't quite as well versed in Weird Al as Craig. 

The Magnificent Seven list was Craig's Top 7 Weird Al songs. And the music recommendation this week was "Skipper Dan" from our friend Mr. Yankovic. All this Weird Al focus was brought on by Craig's trip to a Weird Al concert this past Tuesday with his buddy Doug. Craig gave his impression of what it was like to attend such an event, which was remarkably entertaining to him.

At the end of the show, Craig had the second ever edition of "The Winds of Change" as he celebrated the end of the Kenyon Martin era in Denver, scratched his head at the terrible new Miami Marlins logo, and saluted the Toronto Blue Jays for changing to a logo reminiscent of their glory days, but with just enough modern flavor to make it great.

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