Saturday, October 1, 2011

Vertically Striped Radio - Episode 128 - 10-01-11 - The Return of The Whale!

It was Craig's 35th birthday, and he got the present that he wanted most...The Whale's return to the Vertically Striped Airwaves! We hadn't heard from The Whale on the show since June, and it was glorious to have him back. 

Face, The Whale and Craig discussed the greatest day in regular season baseball history...September 28th, 2011. As the Red Sox completed their implosion, and the Rays had a gigantic comeback against the Yankees to complete their gigantic comeback in the Wild Card race, and the guys discussed who they would be supporting in the baseball postseason this year. It's a slightly disappointing field of teams, as no city has gone more than 10 years without a championship in a major sport. We also discussed the trouble with the Cowboys Center snapping the ball willy-nilly, it's almost as if he doesn't care if Tony Romo is ready or not. 

Before all the sports talk, Craig discussed the recent trend of the super rich purchasing dinosaurs, and talks a bit about a hot and heavy auction for a T-Rex skull between two Hollywood heavy hitters. Craig also presented part 1 of his two part series in which he presents NFL teams with tweaks to make their uniforms better. Today was the AFC's turn to learn how they could improve their threads. 

Craig finished up with a new edition of "Something to Think About!" which was ended abruptly by a call from our friend The Ed. And then after all that, Craig had a music recommendation of "Right Before My Eyes" from Cage the Elephant's appropriately named album "Thank You, Happy Birthday"

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