Saturday, June 25, 2011

Vertically Striped Radio - Episode 114 - 06-25-11 - Down with Predictive Octopi

VSR opened with news about a guy hiding in a port-o-potty and another genious tossing a bag of weed onto the hood of a cop car, setting the tone for today's show. 

Craig and Face celebrated the official return of the Winnipeg Jets and also commended the Buffalo Bills on abandoning the worst uniforms in the NFL. We even scratched our head at Metta World Peace, the new moniker of the officially insane Ron Artest. 

The Text-to-Speech players unveiled their acting chops deliving some spectacular reimaginations of some classic movie scenes. Then Craig spoke out against predictive Octopi among other things with a new episode of "Something to Think About." 

 The Whale (on fake radio hiatus) still managed to be a part of the show, delivering a new episode of "Sharp Dressed Man" via a voice mail, and then show wrapped with Craig's recommendation of "Would it Kill You?" by Hellogoodbye.

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