Saturday, June 18, 2011

Vertically Striped Radio - Episode 113 - 06-18-11 - The Ed Strikes Back

Hallelujah! The Ed returned to Vertically Striped Radio...and there was much rejoicing! (Even if The Ed's phone quality leaves something to be desired.)

In addition to hearing the Ed, Face and Craig went head to head on a Magnificent Seven list of our favorite movie characters of all time, Samuel L Jackson read us an inappropriate bedtime story, we were treated to the video dating profile of a lady that really loves cats. (I call shennanigans on it, by the way.) We discuss Mark Cuban's plan to potentially NOT get the Mavericks championship rings, and most importantly...we learned that The Whale sometimes calls "The Lady That Cooks His Food" by a different and far more precious name. (You'll just have to listen to learn what it is!)

All in all, a banner show for the VSR crew. Craig wrapped things up with a music recommendation of the song "Wolf Blood" from the band Jay J Matott and The Arctic.

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