Saturday, July 2, 2011

Vertically Striped Radio - Episode 115 - 07-02-11 - Dickler Schlong

The show had it's first official co-host in a very long time today, as The Ed had asked to be the co-host. I agreed for a single episode, and Ed decided to call in and make outrageous statements which I derided as being untrue. So basically it was like every other Ed appearance on "The VCR Report".

Ed helped me with the Magnificent 7 List - Top Seven Terrible Things to Name your Baby. During the list, Ed claimed that Dick was not a shortened version of Richard but rather, Dick is short for Dickler. He also claimed he had a friend named Dickler Schlong.

The Vertically Striped Academy of Arts, Sciences, and other Neato Stuff announced the nominations for the 3rd annual Sockie awards...The Award Show will be broadcast live on VSR on July 16th this year. (Tickets are going fast.)

Ed kept with show co-host tradition and bailed on the show with about 40 minutes to go, so Face and Craig finished up the show with the He-Man Movie Watchers Club disecting "The Parking Lot Movie." a documentary about a parking lot, naturally.

The Vertically Striped Music Recommendation was "I'm Free" by The Soup Dragons, and then the show finished up with a goofy "hip hop" song from the Parking Lot Movie called "Welcome to the CPL". Lets just say that 50 Cent has nothing to worry about. (Is 50 Cent still hot in Hop Hoppery? I don't keep current with the rap kids.)

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