Monday, March 29, 2010

Vertically Striped Radio - Episode 44 - The Green Bay Packers Might Save Your Life!

In keeping with the recent form, I promised to deliver the, "Who can you make fun of now?" segment, and then promptly went the whole show without actually telling you. Although I did get in a story about how the Green Bay Packers saved a man's life. We also did a Magnificent 7 list of the Seven greatest teams that no longer exist.

The Ed called in and shared with us his list of teams that no longer exist including the Washington Watermelons and Houston Afros...I'm pretty sure those teams never existed, but it was fun to hear Ed expound upon mythical teams. Ed also called in to show us how he can change his voice to be deep and scary when he does prank calls. Pretty intimidating to get a call from that version of the Ed.

The Vertically Striped Music Recommendation was "How it Ends" by DeVotchka.

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