Monday, March 15, 2010

Brady Quinn is a Denver Bronco

Welcome to Denver, Mr. Quinn.

Wow! It's March and unexpectedly there is Denver Broncos news. The Cleveland Browns have decided that three years with Brady Quinn, Medicine Quarterback is enough. They have shipped him off to our lovely city in exchange for a bag of medicine balls and a few lift tickets to Aspen Basin.

Okay, the Browns actually traded Peyton Hillis, a sixth round pick this season and a conditional pick next season to get Quinn. I actually liked Peyton Hillis a little (and apparently a lot more than Josh McDaniels did), but losing Hillis and a couple of very low draft picks seems like a very low price to pay for a guy who was considered a first round quarterback talent only three years ago.

Searching for Brady Quinn leads to lots of shirtless images.

I Googled Quinn to try and get an idea of what we're getting beyond the limited basis of what I knew him as which was a failed NFL quarterback from a proud college football tradition. A few things stick out from this search. 1. Brady Quinn apparently never wears a shirt outside of a football field. Seriously, do a Google image search...the man loves to go topless. I half expect to see him arrive in Denver shirtless and do his entire introductory press conference flexing his pecks. So that's disturbing. 2. His stats aren't pretty...his career 66.8 passer rating pretty much speaks for itself. 3. I had forgotten how much I loved to mock him for his "Now I'm done" EAS commercials. Now that he's in Denver, I anticipate pretty much thinking "Now I'm done" whenever I see him. So I'm legitimately excited about that. It may surprise you to learn that I am not bummed out that he's a Bronco, in fact I'm a little bit excited.

He looks competent from these pictures, right?

Granted, The Brady Quinn experience in Ohio has been far from legendary, but he brings his 10 career touchdowns and 9 career interceptions to Denver for what an insurance company would label an acceptable risk. Yes, Brady went 2-7 last year for Cleveland and looked as generally impressive in a Browns uniform as Darko Milicic looked in a Pistons uniform. However, when the risk is as low as a running back that never saw the field, a sixth round draft pick that might not even make the team had the Broncos used it, plus another low round pick the following season...Why not?

Look at it like this.

Hopefully, Brady gets back to this!

Best Case Scenario: Brady Quinn is actually a tremendous quarterback and was being held back by playing in the football wasteland known as Cleveland, Ohio. Cleveland was recently named by Forbes as the most miserable city in the United States, and perhaps that's because they are forced to watch the Browns play so much. Now that he is with Josh McDaniels, an alleged quarterback coach extraordinaire, perhaps he reaches the potential he showed at Notre Dame and becomes a good QB. That's a good upside, right?

Worst Case Scenario: He continues to suck as he has in Cleveland, and the Broncos are out three players that probably weren't going to make any impact anyway. Not a terrible downside, right?

So, I guess the attitude I'm taking is welcoming Mr. Quinn to town since the upside far out strips the downside. I'm guessing he's going to be the backup next year, although it's not inconceivable that he pushes Kyle Orton out. Either way, he's got to be better than Chris Simms, who looked about as talented and prepared to be an NFL quarterback as I would have. (I'm not very good, in case you're wondering)

If the Broncos had given up anything of consequence, I'd be shouting bloody murder about this trade. However, since they gave up the football equivalent of a lint brush to get him. I say, "Why Not?" Welcome to Denver, Brady. For God sakes, put a shirt on.

By the way, if you were wondering about this article..."NOW I'm done!"


WildOnesCoasterClub said...

I think it's time for the Brady Quinn to shine. The Ed likes him, what else do you need?

Unknown said...

Peyton Hillis is the awesomest lint brush ever, even if he doesn't perpetually flex the pecs and show off his guns.