Monday, March 8, 2010

The Milwaukee Brewers are winning me over.

I'm a Colorado Rockies fan, but between Home Run celebrations like the one below, the world famous sausage races, their epically good Ball and Glove logo seen above, and Bernie the Brewer sliding into a mug of beer, I think I could become a fan of the Beermakers if I had to start all over.

This clip comes from last season when Prince Fielder beat the Giants in extra innings. The celebration at home plate is the kind of fun I wish I would see more of in baseball. You never see it, because the darn unwritten code of baseball which apparently regulates that one can never have fun while playing baseball. I'd quote which section of the code prevents fun, but the darn thing is STILL unwritten, and it appears that no one is going to bother to transcribe it.

Baseball is coming! It's not football to me, but still, I dig it.

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