Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Video of a Huge Dead Snake found by an Realtor I Work with in Florida

I work in an office that sells off properties that have been foreclosed upon. Angry homeowners who are upset at the bank that their homes are going through foreclosure often leave their homes in terrible condition with all sorts of problems left behind. Stacks of trash are normal, dead pets and animals are not unheard of, and I even have seen evidence that one angry former homeowner took a golf club and a golf ball and pretended that his home was a driving range. I see all sorts of crazy stories, but this is one of the most interesting I have ever come across. One of my best agents down in Florida found this gigantic dead snake right along one of our properties, he sent us this video so that we could get an idea of just how big this carcass is. I thought it was amazing how enormous it was, so I thought I'd share the video with everyone. You wouldn't believe how expensive it was to get the dead snake hauled away, but I imagine seeing something like that wouldn't make the home easier to sell. Anywho, enjoy the enormity of the body in the video!


Craig Dodge said...

Hee Hee! April Fools!!!

Trinket said...

Okay, #1, that, even dead, is really gross. #2, the end is really freaky. I HATE SNAKES. And April Fool's Day. :)

Scott Haynes said...

here's an april fool's item i found that i thought you may appreciate.