Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Top Ten Super Bowls in my Lifetime. (A biased list)

Another Super Bowl is in the books, and congratulations to the Pittsburgh Steelers who won the title in a surprisingly good game. Every time we have a Super Bowl that is a competitive game, the question starts getting asked...Was this the best Super Bowl ever?

While this one was good, the correct answer is: No, this was not the best. Here's my top ten list of Super Bowls that I can remember watching. (Super Bowl 18 is the first one I remember watching...Raiders demolishing the Redskins back when I was just a lad of seven years.)

1. XXXII - Broncos 31 - Packers 24 - Naturally, I am biased towards this one because it was a great game and my team won it to finally get a championship and get Elway off the schneid.

2. XXXIV - Rams 23 - Titans 16 - I still say this may have been the best ever, as the Rams were one yard away but Dyson got tackled just before scoring the game tying TD. This was a magnificent game.

3. XXXVI - Patriots 20 - Rams 17 - Tom Brady gets the Pats into position to win at the end. People forget it now since New England has become a juggernaut, but the Pats were ENORMOUS underdogs in this one.

4. XLII - Giants 17 - Patriots 14 - The helmet catch, keeping that odius Patriots team from the first ever 19-0, the excitement of the final score. This one was truly epic.

5. XLIII - Steelers 27 - Cardinals 23 - Still too fresh in my mind to give it the proper perspective, but seeing Big Ben have the stones to get the Steelers the game winning touchdown in the final minute after the Cards had stormed back, plus the fact that it had the biggest momentum swing in Super Bowl history right before the half, this was definitely a great one.

6. XXIII 49ers 20 - Bengals 16 - One of Joe Montana's finest hours, plus his greatest quote ever..."Hey, isn't that John Candy?"

7. XXV - Giants 20 - Bills 19 - Will always be remembered for Norwood's "Wide Right", but it was a pretty fantastic game. Flawed only in that it is remembered for a great failure rather than a great triumph.

8. XXXVIII - Patriots 32 - Panthers 29 - Cemented Adam Vinatieri's legacy, pretty good game in it's own right with a flurry of points at the end.

9. XXX - Cowboys 27 - Steelers 17 - Very exciting to ALMOST see the egomaniac Cowboys go down to a gritty Pittsburgh team that outplayed them at nearly every turn.

10. XXXVII - Buccaneers 48 - Raiders 21 - Okay, so this wasn't a good game. But as an avid Raider hater who was convinced that Oakland was going to win...this was about as good as it could get. It also helps that this loss through them into a tailspin that continues to this very day.

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