Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Craig's Top 50 Movies: Episode 3 - #30 through #21

30. Rounders - I don't even play poker and I still love this movie. Matt Damon couldn't be any cooler than he is in this movie. This movie is all about responsibility, friendship, and taking chances as well as finding out who you really are and who you really want to be. Oh, and poker.

29. Se7en - This movie is gritty and disturbing, but it's also somewhat poetic. The ending is both amazing and grotesque. If that Brad Pitt guy plays his cards right, he might have a future with this acting business.

28. Monty Python and the Holy Grail - This is probably the movie I have seen more than any other movie ever. It is more of a cultural phenomenon among nerds than it is a movie, but it will always have a special place in my heart for being the most quotable movie of all time. Quoting this movie is probably funnier than watching it, but it's pretty darn good.

27. Man on the Moon - Jim Carey is amazing in this biographical movie about the life of Andy Kaufman. It's a very interesting movie about a very odd and interesting man. Worth watching just to see Carey's performance, even if the rest of it wasn't good (which it is).

26. Love Actually - One of those movies that has a ton of stories happening all at once, but it's done well, and it's quite charming. I have two favorite story lines in this one. First, the writer who falls in love with a woman who doesn't speak English and then he learns Portuguese just to woo her. Second, the guy who is in love with a woman who is getting married to his best friend, and he realizes that it can never be, and he's okay with it. Yes, this is a chick flick, but there is nothing wrong with a chick flick as long as it's done well and is entertaining. This one fits that bill, and it makes the top 50.

25. Little Miss Sunshine - What a sweet little movie this is. It has awesome characters pulled together by a road trip in a Volkswagen bus. This movie is hilarious and poignant at the same time. It's cliche to say, but, "You'll laugh, you'll cry, it moved me!" This movie is worth seeing just to see the little girl's performance at the beauty pageant.

24. Raising Arizona - The Coen Brothers are silly, but in a brilliant hilarious way. This is one of my favorites of theirs, starring Nick Cage and Holly Hunter as some desparate people with some warped sensibilities.

23. Twelve Monkeys - Brad Pitt and Bruce Willis in a movie that involves time travel, horrible viruses, and the end of the world. Brad Pitt plays a completely crazy person in this movie, and is mesmorizing in it. This movie is wild and interesting. Worth watching more than once.

22. O Brother Where Art Thou? - Another Coen Brothers flick, another offbeat comedy, another brilliant movie. Loosely based on Homer's Odyssey, this movie is an absolute showcase for George Clooney and it's just plain fun to watch.

21. No Country for Old Men - I swear I didn't mean to bunch together Coen Brothers movies like this, it just ended up that way. This movie proves that they can do more than oddball comedies. This is a very tightly shot drama which won the Oscar for Best Picture in 2007. It's based off of a book by Cormac McCarthy, and it doesn't follow the path you think it will. This movie had me thinking and pondering it for days after I saw it. I highly recommend it.

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