Wednesday, January 21, 2009

You have to love outsourcing to India.

Do you have a job where in order to save money your company has lower level work done by people in India who are very intelligent and speak way more languages that you do, but don't really understand American culture and have a somewhat firm yet extremely floppy grasp of the English language?

Does working at this job require you to act like you are good at international relations and keep you trying to guess at what the people in India really want even though they are, shall we say, less than adept at expressing exactly what it is that they want??

I DO!!!!

It's actually a lot of fun sometimes, although usually frustrating, because even though these are highly intelligent people, English is not their first language, and at times that fact can make you want to strangle them from across several oceans. However, last week one of my Indian friends created a new word in the English language that I really liked, and think we should adopt immediately. That word is: Updation.

Updation: The act or process of bringing something up to date. As in, this leisure suit in my closet probably says that my wardrobe could use some updation.

I would like to thank my friend Jagadish (Seriously, that is his name, I'm not making it up.) for creating this word as the English language is in constant need of updation, and why not let it happen in south central Asia?? India rules.

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