Saturday, March 12, 2011

Vertically Striped Radio - Episode 100 - 03-12-11 - The 100th Episode Spectacular

It was the 100th episode spectacular edition of VSR, and appropriately, Blogtalk was causing technical issues for Craig. Despite the fact that at several times his phone freaks out due to Blogtalk being Blogtalk, we were still able to relive several great moments from the first 155 Hours 43 Minutes and 08 seconds of show history. This show you get to hear great moments including clips from Elevation, The Whale, Face Ventura, The Ed, and even Dave Dameshek. 

This episode also allows you to relive The Ed's epic Swap Meet Surgery episode, an all time great moment in the show. Face, The Ed, Aaron Young from the No Name Show, and Craig discuss the great moments and reflect on the first 99 as well as look forward to the future of the show. 

 The Show ended up with a music recommendation of a song (and album) from Mumford & Sons. The song and album are both called "Sigh No More" and the music is amazing, do yourself a favor and pick it up immediately. (You can also do the show a favor and buy it from the Amazon link that you can find at 

Thanks to all who made the first 100 episodes of this show wonderful fun for me, I look forward to even more wonderful fake radio in the future.

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