Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Thanks for nothing Thesaurus.com. You're totally not a dinosaur.

The interwebs are a weird place. I just went to Thesaurus.com to find me up a good word to make it seem that I'm much smarter than I actually am. (I know "find me up a good word" is poor English, but it felt good...Leave me alone grammar nazis.) 

So anywho...I type in "theme" into the trusty Thesaurus.com search engine and I am treated to this gem. "No results found for theme: Did you mean theme?" Um...what? I'm pretty sure that's the same word, thesaurus dude.  I clicked on their version of the word that I had just spelled correctly, and a handy list of helpful synonyms popped up. Still...I'm dying to know what was going on there.

Also, it really is a shame that a thesaurus isn't a dinosaur...for what it's worth.

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