Thursday, January 13, 2011

NFL Weekend Preview: Divisional Weekend

Well, after a decent regular season of picking games, I went 1-3 last weekend. Not impressive, but I won't throw in the towel simply because I'm incompetent. Hopefully I'll stumble in to a few more wins this weekend. The divisional round weekend is perhaps my favorite weekend of football all year. It's almost always good games as the Elite 8 sort out the Championship Game participants. Hopefully we'll get an overtime game, as I'd love to get a chance to see the new rules in overtime football is super exciting.

Ravens at Steelers: This match up is historically more like an MMA match than a football game. No matter who wins, they're going to have to survive a rumble to do so. The last four times these teams have met, the road team won and the games were all decided by 3 points. I’ll stick with that trend. Ravens 20 Steelers 17 in OT

Packers at Falcons: It feels like the entire world has decided that the Packers can’t lose this game. So I’ll zig where everyone else zags. Plus, I picked against the Packers last week, and they won, and they're the team I want to win it all, so perhaps this is a good move for the superstitious. Falcons 26 Packers 23

Seahawks at Bears:
I think the Bears are going to win easily, but I'm hoping I'm wrong. Although a Bears-Packers match up for the NFC Championship would rock, having a team that is still under .500 heading into this game making the NFC Championship would absurdly wonderful. Odd but true: The only way the Seahawks can finish the season with a winning record is if they win the Super Bowl. Hey, stranger things have happened, plus the Seahawks DID beat the Bears in the Windy City this year once already. So perhaps??? Nah, I can't do it. Bears 33 Seahawks 20

Jets at Patriots: The Jets got smoked last time these two met to the tune of 45-3. Dan Lebatard had a stat this week on his radio show that said that eighteen times a team has had a playoff rematch with another team that they had defeated by thirty points or more in the regular season. Those teams have an 18-0 record in the rematch. Of course, I can remember a recent time when the Patriots were a huge favorite and an 18-0 record was involved, and that one didn't turn out in their favor. Since I can't root for a comet to hit Foxborough on Sunday wiping out both teams, as that would likely cause another ice age or something, I'll hold my nose and cheer for the Jets, even though I think the Pats are going to smoke them. Patriots 35 Jets 10

Wildcard Weekend: 1-3
Regular Season: 161-95
Playoffs: 1-3
Year to Date: 162-98

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