Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Brave New World:

This photo is from one of the first ever clashes between the Broncos and Raiders

Perhaps I am way behind the internet curve here, but I've finally purchased my very own domain name. I've been giving this some serious thought, and I've just decided that having your own domain for your blog is superior to using as my blog's web home. First of all, having your own website is just a bit cooler than having blogspot in your name, and I've been thinking about for some time now. I finally decided to just go ahead and drop the ten bucks to do it. Plus, trying to tell people the web address for my old site was cumbersome. I had to explain socnorb777 (Broncos spelled backwards plus Elway's number three times. Plus 777 is also a cool number that is also kinda lucky if you're in Vegas.)

I kind of miss the elephant at the top of the page, but I really like the new look overall. I tried to incorporate the old name of the blog with the subtitle, and I'm rather pleased with it. The old subtitle of "Because the universe won't explain itself" is still true, but you'll have to just figure that out for yourself now.

If you're not a diehard Broncos fan, and even if you are, you may be wondering how exactly I've come up with this weird website name. Well, wonder no further. In 1960, the Broncos were born into the American Football League, a rival league to the NFL. At that time, there wasn't a ton of money in the AFL, so for the first two seasons the Broncos wore some of the ugliest uniforms in sports history. Their colors were Seal Brown and Mustard yellow, and from the few photos I have been able to find, the uniforms were just as ugly as they sound. Their helmets were actually sorta cool, though. They were brown with a single white stripe and the players number in white. The most remembered and easily the oddest part of their uniform were the socks. They were vertically striped with brown and yellow colors. Ugly? You bet! Kinda retro cool in a "So ugly they're awesome" way? Absolutely!!! Hence the new name of this blog.

Here are some pictures that I could find of the original Broncos uniforms and their crazy vertically striped socks. Enjoy!

Frank Tripucka leads the Broncos against the Houston Oilers in the Broncos inagural season.

Tripucka back to pass.

In game action of the Broncos versus the Boston Patriots

This is a photo of one of the actual game used socks.

Here is a great in game shot of the wonderful socks.

The Broncos versus the Chargers, a great clear picture of the socks and helmets on the left.

A replica of the original Denver Broncos helmet

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