Saturday, December 13, 2008

Presenting Miss Olivia Joy Molyboga

So I guess being an Uncle means that you don't always get all the details right all the time. Okay, so I was off by a smidge with the time of birth, Olivia was actually born at 8:32 AM not 8:43, and eleven minutes is a big deal. So I'll own that mistake. But, to make up for it, here are some fresh photos of my adorable niece as pennance, which should make us square. Welcome to the world, little one. I haven't met you yet, but I'm already pretty fond of you. Can't wait to meet you in a few weeks!

One big happy family!

What a good Dadddy Marat is going to be!

I love this photo, nothing but Olivia and mommy's
enormous smile. Good times.

Grammy welcomes grandchild number 3 into
the world!

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