Saturday, December 13, 2008

Craignac the All Knowing predicts the future!

Much like the Great Carnac, I know all and see all, and then predict most of it wrong, just to throw everyone off the scent.

In my never ending quest to pretend that I know what is going to happen the day before it actually does happen, I present the final scores of tomorrow's games:

Bucs at Falcons - A good game in what is quickly becoming the most entertaining division in football. All four teams are good, and this one is important for both teams. I say home field pushes the Falcons to a close win. Atlanta 20 Tampa Bay 19

Redskins at Bengals - The Redskins playoff chances are on life support, but the Cincinnatti franchise should be euthanized. The Skins stay alive for another week in a romp. Washington 37 Cincinnati 6

Lions at Colts - I've been trying to figure out some way that the Lions win on Sunday and here is the best I could come up with: The Colts bus is struck by a semi on the way to the stadium and due to everyone on the team having severe enough injuries to be unable to play, the Lions get the University of Purdue to come up to Indianapolis for a game and the Lions barely squeeze out a win in the final minute. Barring that scenario, this game should be over by halftime. Indianapolis 38 Detroit 3

Chargers at Chiefs - Last time these two teams played was a very exciting game in San Diego in which the Cheifs were down by seven in the waning moments, they scored a touchdown and went for two, but were stopped, and the Chargers ended up winning by one in a game they easily could have lost. I think the Chiefs blew their wad on that game, and although I think they will give San Diego a decent challenge, I don't think that they will do quite enough to win. San Diego 27 Kansas City 17

Seahawks at Rams - I can't think of a single good reason to watch this game. Perhaps for fantasy purposes, but other than Stephen Jackson, I can't even think of another decent fantasy player in this game. I have NO interest in this one, other than to test my prediction skills. Seattle 16 St. Louis 13

49ers at Dolphins - With the Niners playing hard and the Dolphins in a three way tie for first in their competitive division, this is actually a pretty decent game. It means more to Miami, so I say the Dolphins get the win. Miami 24 San Francisco 17

Bills at Jets - Two teams actively trying to ruin their seasons meet up at the Meadowlands. The Bills have collapsing for a long period of time, so they are better at it by now than the Jets, although the Jets have shown a real flare for it in the past two weeks. I think Favre will find away this week. New York 27 Buffalo 16

Titans at Texans - I am sure I will regret this one, but I think that the Texans are going to make a good game of this one, in fact, here is my upset of the week. Houston 23 Tennessee 20

Packers at Jaguars - The Jags gave up on this season a few weeks ago, the Packers have still been trying, although it appears that they are done too, now. I don't think the Jaguars care at all right now, though. So big edge to the Pack. Green Bay 26 Jacksonville 10

Vikings at Cardinals - Two division leaders clash in the desert. Cards get the edge on this one from me due to playing at home on the sliding sheet of grass plus the fact that Brad Childress is terrible. Arizona 31 Minnesota 22

Broncos at Panthers - Last time I predicted games, two weeks ago, I predicted gloom and doom for the Broncos against the Jets, and my boys went on to whallop the Jets. Once again, I am feeling gloomy about their chances in Carolina based on how good the Panthers looked on Monday night against the Bucs. Carolina 38 Denver 20

Steelers at Ravens - The Steelers won in overtime in week four when they played in Pittsburgh, I see them playing to OT again, but the Ravens win it this time. Baltimore 23 Pittsburgh 17

Patriots at Raiders - The Raiders are just not good enough nor well run enough to give the Pats a game. New England 30 Oakland 10

Giants at Cowboys - Dallas either saves their season or it goes down in flames, there isn't much middle ground in this one. I predict flames. Giants 23 Cowboys 14

Browns at Eagles - Great idea, having the Browns play five nationally televised night time games, this is one stinker of a Monday night game. Maybe the NFL shouldn't schedule the Falcons a ton on high profile night games next season, just in case... The Eagles are playing well enough that the Browns should pose little threat to them on Monday. Philadelphia 33 Cleveland 17

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