Saturday, November 29, 2008

About that Lions prediction:

Me, November 3rd...

Is it crazy that I think that John McCain has a real shot at this? Yes, yes it is crazy, but I have a feeling something wacky might happen.

So saying that the Detroit Lions might actually make the Thanksgiving game competitive resulted in the Lions having their worst Thanksgiving loss in their history. They have been playing Thanksgiving games since 1934, and this was their worst loss ever. Can you wrap your mind around that??? How bad is something if it qualifies as "the worst in Detroit Lions history." That is like "The ugliest Golden Girl in history" the whole category is bad, but it is something extra special to be the worst.

Anyway, it is in the hopes that my predictions have the same quality as the Lions football operation as I make the following (reverse jinx) prediction. The New York Jets are going to demolish the Broncos by 47 touchdowns, I cannot see a scenario in which the Broncos keep the game within fifty points. Everyone reading this blog should immediately drive to Vegas and put down their entire life savings on the Jets and give the points. Do it! Now!

Here are my predictions for the games this weekend:

49ers at Bills - In the Chris Berman Super Bowl pick memorial game - The Bills manage to build their winning streak to two games in a row against terrible, terrible teams. Buffalo 31 San Francisco 17

Ravens at Bengals - The Ravens should be a little worried about this game, because you do not want to face Marvin Lewis after an eleven day break! Okay, so really the Ravens have little to nothing to worry about, because even if you gave them three hundred days to prepare, they are still the Bengals. Baltimore 40 Cincinnati 13

Colts at Browns - The Titans clinch the AFC South if the Colts fall to the Browns...I think that the Titans have to wait one more week. Indianapolis 20 Cleveland 14

Panthers at Packers - Here is my pick for game of the week. Carolina has a great record, but they have not looked great in the past month. The Packers are better than they looked in New Orleans on Monday night. Green Bay 20 Carolina 17 (in OT)

Broncos at Jets - As you have already read above, I do not hold much hope for my beloved Broncos for this game, but lets go ahead and pick this thing "Superfan" style. New York 237 Denver -7 (Ditka will find a way)

Dolphins at Rams - Remember that brief stretch when Jim Haslett had the Rams winning back to back games against the Redskins and Cowboys, and everyone was clamoring to remove teh "interim" title from Haslett's job description? That seems like such a long time ago now, huh? Miami 34 St. Louis 3

Saints at Buccaneers - Offense sells tickets, but defense wins championships. Thus goes the old expression that conveniently forgets to mention the 98 Broncos or 99 Rams, we will get to see which wins this game as the Saints powerful offense and lackluster D head to face their complete opposite in Tampa with the good defense and somewhat subpar offense of the Bucs. I'm going to go with the defense this time...after all, who wants to sell tickets?? Tampa Bay 17 New Orleans 13

Giants at Redskins - Isn't it about time for the Giants to have a down game? Probably, but I don't think it comes here. New York 27 Washington 19

Falcons at Chargers - If San Diego is really going to start contending for the AFC West, this is pretty much a must win for them. Of course, if the Falcons want to make the playoffs, they really need this one too. I think the Bolts begin their "it's about time we started playing better" run to a pathetic division title in the sadsack AFC West. San Diego 33 Atlanta 24

Steelers at Patriots - I don't know who to cheer against in this game. I don't want to cheer on the Steelers, what with the fact that they have about 30 percent of the fans or more in the stadium in every road game they play, but rooting for the Patriots and Belichek is not more appetizing. Perhaps we could just hope that a giant meteor lands in the Boston area on Sunday? That seems like the best outcome to me! New England 24 Pittsburgh 21

Chiefs at Raiders - Two disturbing facts on this one...This is the second time these two teams have played this year and The Raiders have a legitimate chance at a two game win streak. Two facts which make me question my belief in a loving God. Thankfully, I will not have to watch this game, people in California and Missouri are not so lucky, and for that they have my pity. Oakland 9 Kansas City 6

Bears at Vikings - This is a huge divisional game with the winner having a leg up on taking the only playoff spot that is going to come from the NFC North. Will the man child Adrian Peterson have enough in him to overpower the horrendous coaching of Brad Childress? I say yes, this week. Minnesota 31 Chicago 24

Jaguars at Texans - If not for the might and majesty of Raiders v Chiefs, this might be the worst game of the weekend. Two teams that people expected to do much better this season, but have provided less than stellar results thus far. I can't honestly say I have much of a feeling on this game, nor do I much care about it. Jacksonville 23 Houston 20

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