Monday, June 1, 2015

Things I like: Articulated Wall by Herbert Bayer (Or the Big Yellow Thing just off I-25)

Ever since 1985, this big yellow thing has existed on the edge of I-25 just a few miles south of downtown. Chances are if you have spent any time in Denver, you've seen it.

Until May 31st, 2015, I had only seen it from that vantage point. However, I decided to go check it out to see if it'd look any different up close.

The Statue is 30 years old (The EXACT 30 years that Marty McFly skips ahead in Back to the Future 2), and is clearly  showing a few signs of age in the form of weathering and cracked paint, although from a short distance, it's still pretty impressive.

A friend of mine went to the Art Institute, and she said that they used to call it the "Tower of French Fries" which I found amusing.

Apparently, the artist Herbert Bayer originally created this idea for the 1968 Olympics in Mexico, and then recreated it in a larger scale in Denver.

I never knew what this was called until yesterday. We always referred to it as "The Big Yellow Thing." I'm curious...if you grew up in Denver, what did YOU call it?

Oh, and to finish off this post, here's a trippy video of Raquel Welch doing the "Space Girl Dance", which is just exactly what you'd expect it to be.

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