Friday, September 27, 2013

Breaking Bad - Odds on How Walt Dies

It all ends Sunday night! The obsession known as Breaking Bad ends Sunday night. I'm fully addicted, and am not sure how I'm going to be able to quit cold turkey after one last hit, but the series will be over after this episode. It sure feels like Walt is about to die in one way or another, so I have put together the odds for the various ways he may (or perhaps he doesn't) die. Get your bets in now! (No actual wagers are being accepted, but still...)

Jesse – 2-1
Suicide - 3-1
Cancer – 4-1
Walt doesn’t Die 4-1
Todd – 5-1
Uncle Jack – 5-1
A random cop or DEA agent 8-1
Skylar – 10-1
Walt Jr (Flynn) – 15-1
Lydia 75-1
Eastern European Cartel (Lydia's people) 100-1
Marie 100-1
Chilean Cartel (Gus Fring's people) 300-1
Brock 400-1
Ted Beneke 500-1
Saul 750-1
The Disappearer 900-1
Huell 1000-1
Badger or Skinny Pete 5000-1
Wendy the meth hoar 5000-1
Baby Holly 10,000-1

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