Saturday, January 26, 2013

Vertically Striped Radio - Episode 199 - 01-26-13 - Tortillas and Beer

A week after having absolutely nothing prepared, VSR was hopping. 

Craig's best friend Doug stopped in to give some theories on when it's okay for a man to drive a convertible,  Craig explained how he terrified a local jogger, Craig unveiled the Simpsons Fusion Theory, and we spent a good chunk of time discussing Face's bizarre eating habits. 

Then, just as the show was about to end, Elevation called in to read a letter he claimed was forwarded on to him by IndieSarah. The actual contents of said letter are as scandalous as they are fraudulent, but it made for a bit of fun at Craig's expense. 

The show wrapped up with a music recommendation of "Classic Cars" by Bright Eyes. Many thanks to The Whale, Elevation, Face, and Doug for all dropping in for a very fun episode of the show.

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