Friday, December 14, 2012

Love > Evil - My response to the Connecticut shooting

We are all asking “Why?” 

Forget that, we are all looking to the heavens and pleading “Why? GOD WHY!?!?” through our tears. 

The answer sucks. The answer is that there is no reason. In a time when we have been trained through our entertainment that everything must have a reason and must be wrapped up neatly, we are faced with the concept of slaughtered Kindergartners and even the most stoic among us are rattled. 

Evil doesn't bother with the reason. Evil lashes out with violence, rage, and fear. Evil doesn't care why. Evil is Evil. It’s power comes from its incomprehensibility. Today, I am profoundly sad. I have stopped looking for answers to each senseless tragedy, because you can’t make sense of the senseless, all you can do is be sad with others, hug those you love, and know that Evil will always be Evil, but that’s not the end of the story.

Today is a day to cry. Today is a day to not try and figure out. Today is a day to feel without limits, to not suppress, to bawl your eyes out in your cubicle if you need to. I needed to. I did. 

We have options after today. We can succumb to the evil. We can give up hope and resign ourselves to the fact that the world is irredeemable and these awful things are going to keep happening and there isn’t a thing we can do about it. Or, we can realize that the ways we fight evil isn’t by using tragedy to advance our particular political position, we can’t legislate away evil any more than we can know the next place it will strike. 

We fight evil with love. 

We must. It’s our greatest weapon. Really, it’s our only weapon. We seek out those who have been hurt and love them so that the hurt they feel doesn't get submerged inside of them and morph into more evil. We remember that we are a small part of this world, but our small part can still love other small parts. The effect is small until it’s everyone. Love grows, love heals, love destroys the evil inside others before it grows into a monster that kills. 

There is nothing that can change what happened today, but today isn't the end of the story. We must use our weapons to treat each other better, to look deeper and care more for others, even when it’s inconvenient, because even small doses of love can help. 

We must hurt, because God help us if we ever get to the point that we can take what happened today in stride. You shouldn't be able to, and the fact that you’re shaken up is a good thing. You should be shaken up. Tonight, we mourn the senseless. Tonight we band together to help those that hurt. Tonight we love, because it is the only way we can fight, and we have to fight. 

These are dark times we live in. However, I refuse to believe that all is darkness. 

Love is greater than evil, and it always will be.

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