Saturday, November 3, 2012

Vertically Striped Radio - Episode 186 - 11-03-12 - Nude Carjacking and a Bucket of Pee

It's Daylight Savings Saturday, and Craig had been reading up on this phenomenon that was more complicated than one would think it is. 

Indie Sarah, Face Ventura and Elevation all called in and we discussed Walking Dead, Dallas Cowboys football (Face's nerves are shot), Cleveland Browns fans dipping their heads in urine buckets, and the craziest news story in the history of VSR that involved nude carjacking, incompetent psychiatric evaluations, police car pooping, and a man eating his own finger.

The final half of the show had Sarah and Craig giving their respective Top Seven "Movies we'd love to be able to see again for the first time ever" on The Magnificent Seven. The show then wrapped up with a music recommendation of the song "Don't Run" by Bad Veins.

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