Saturday, June 23, 2012

Vertically Striped Radio - Episode 166 - 06-23-12 - Smuggling out a Thumb Drive

The guests were plentiful on this edition. Craig is going to be a guest on Bar Side Rambling this coming week, so El Greg of the Bar Side Rambling crew came on to promote this weeks show. We also heard from regulars Face, Elevation, The Whale, and The Ed.

The guys discussed the dearth of sports in the summer, driving onto a golf course, dumb people calling 911 for ridiculous reasons, "Going Rogue", Pressing 5 to leave a callback number, and we reviewed some insane Craig's List postings including a man trying to find a woman after she stole his thumb drive a most unusual manner.

We wrapped it all up with a music recommendation from The Barenaked Ladies of the song Bank of those stereotypical "Group of Canadians go to rob a bank only to be thwarted by a bunch of nuns" songs. I know the genre is overdone, but somehow BNL manage to find a new approach to this tired theme.

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