Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Vertically Striped introduction:

Greetings and Salutations, people. Did you hear me on Dave Dameshek's NFL podcast, and decided to come check out the site to see what I'm all about?

1. Thanks.
2. Sucker.

So, who am I?

Well, Dave had me on his podcast to be an NFL expert and represented me, this website, and my weekly podcast as YOUR source for Denver sports. While I am a hard core Broncos fan, I can't claim in reality to be that big of an expert, and Vertically Striped Radio is hardly a hard core sports show...

While we do talk a lot of sports on Vertically Striped Radio we're just as likely to discuss my persistent belief that New Hampshire doesn't exist, The theological implications of Admiral Ackbar, or spend an entire episode discussing The Mighty Ducks 2. (No seriously, we once did an entire episode on The Mighty Ducks 2.)

So, you might say I'm an odd duck, but I'm mostly harmless. I'm the kind of guy who puts a Lego representation of the Village People at my desk at work just because the weird looks from others amuse me.
As you may have deduced, I'm a pretty big Denver Broncos fan, and a fan of all the Denver teams, really. While I'm a huge sports fan, I also dig movies, indie music, and posting with the fellas over at the Dave Dameshek message board. (You should definitely go there, sign up, and start posting with the good people over there...if you aren't already.)

If I appear to be the kind of odd that you could enjoy getting to know, you can check me out in a few different ways.

1. Subscribe to Vertically Striped Radio on iTunes. 
(Search for Vertically Striped Radio and subscribe to the LCS Hockey Show feed. You'll get VSR along with The LCS Hockey Show, The Ed Show, The No Name Show, and The Super Great Internet Show...lots of great programming each week.)

2. Follow me on Twitter. @socnorb777

3. Check out Craig Explains the Universe (The official Tumblr of Vertically Striped Socks)

Anyhow, thanks for stopping by, and until we meet again on the interwebs, Shalom and Good Evening to you all...

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