Saturday, January 28, 2012

Vertically Striped Radio - Episode 147 - 01-28-12 - The Numbers All Go To Eleven!

The numbers all go to 11! It was Spinal Tap day on Vertically Striped Radio. Face and Craig raised the possibility of replacing the Pro Bowl with a Mascot Bowl, and we discussed our favorite mascots in sports. The news was packed with artists burying jets and stupid criminals doing stupid crimes.

We had a new edition of something to think about which caused Luke to collect his arsenal of Nerf weapons in the background of the show and start firing them off. Then we hit the main even which was the He-Man Movie Watchers Club having a discussion on the 1982 cult classic, "This is Spinal Tap".

The Vertically Striped Music Recommendation was "Thanks for Nothing" by Middle Brother.

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