Saturday, December 10, 2011

Vertically Striped Radio - Episode 138 - 12-10-11 - Craig Loves Zoos

A sunny day had Craig in an upbeat mood. Face and Craig settled a simmering issue of Face unhappiness and then we were joined by Security Guy Irv for a discussion of the relative merits of mixed martial arts. 

Irv hung with us for the news, and then bid us a good day as we worked our way through a new edition of "Something to Think About" and checked in with Craig's favorite German the great and powerful Flula. 

The Whale popped in briefly to say hello and was followed by The Ed who called in and discussed sports and other random Ed like thoughts with the gang for the final half hour of the show. We wrapped things up with a music recommendation from John Lennon of "Nobody Told Me" on the week of the 31st anniversary of his death.

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