Saturday, November 12, 2011

Vertically Striped Radio - Episode 134 - The one with Capitalist Fox

It was an odd day on the show, made odder by a Skype caller by the name of who every time we put him on the air he or she did nothing but play vulgar music. So that was fun. 

The callers we did entertain who actually spoke included Face and the Whale as the Magnificent Seven counted down the Top 7 Sports injustices. Then the Ed called in and things fell apart in a very Ed like way. Ed rambled for longer than we probably should have let him, but then he helped us discuss the changes we would make to NFC uniforms. During this segment we came to learn that Ed really likes gold in a uniform. 

Craig wrapped things up by briefly discussing the confusion that is the AFC West, and a few other random topics with Face and The Whale before wrapping things up with a music recommendation from Peter Mulvey of "The Dreams".

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