Monday, December 6, 2010

Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead!!! McDaniels is fired in Denver! And there was much rejoicing!

Don't go away angry, Josh. Just go away.

McDaniels fired! Not the news I was expecting to hear tonight, but I can't wipe the smile off of my face. 11-17 and the worst personnel decisions on record are no longer in charge of the organization. Clearly, he has left Denver in shambles, and it'll take us some time to try and pick up the pieces, but the arrogant man who refused to listen to others, who made baffling decisions both on and off the field, and who was indicted in his very own Spygate scandal. Quite the legacy.

The Belichick coaching tree is diseased, apparently. Hopefully the Broncos and Pat Bowlen will be wise enough to avoid the New England family this time. So long as we don't bring in Brad Childress or Wade Phillips, I see this change as a positive.

The final straw was finding out that Belichick Jr. was following the lead of his mentor even when it came to cheating. That whole video taping scandal in London was made all the worse by the fact that in addition to hurting the honor of our proud franchise, he still was losing. So now we have four games to muddle through this random interim period. Someone named Eric Studesville, the running backs coach, has been elected to run things for the next few weeks. Seems random, but how much worse could he possibly do? Perhaps he'll even benefit from the interim bounce that the Vikings and Cowboys have enjoyed. It doesn't hurt than their next game is against the Cardinals. I don't see a win streak of more than one game, if we even get that, but I don't care. The highlight of this lost season is that McD is McDone! Viva los Broncos!

I am almost as happy as he looks. Except that my team is a burning pile right now thanks to him.


Trinket said...

I bet you are so over-the-moon happy right now! Congratulations! (?)

Craig Dodge said...

With as crummy as this season has been, it's sad that this is the highlight.