Saturday, July 10, 2010

Vertically Striped Radio - Episode 63 - Lebron and the Rainbow Enthusiasts.

Lebron is taking his talents to South Beach, and Craig took his talents to the fake airwaves on Saturday. Well...saying talents might be more than just a little bit of overselling, but VSR was live on the air this evening for an abbreviated edition. For a shorter show, we sure covered a lot. Craig started by reading a bit of Literature that is an instant American classic...Dan Gilbert's letter to the Cleveland people about Lebron Comic Sans font to really make it special! In addition to spending a lot of time talking about Lebron, we also had an episode of "The Duel" which matched up Rainbow Enthusiasm versus Rainbow Conspiracy in a match up that is so competitive that I still can't decide which I want to vote for. After the Rainbow talk, Face Ventura and Craig were joined by the Ed who gave us an update on his life and tried to convince us that he only weighs 140 pounds despite the fact that he ate ten thousand Oreo cookies last year. I find it very hard to believe he only weighs 140. The Ed also talked over how the Miami Heat will not win the Eastern Conference next year, and how the Eastern Champs for 2010-11 will be the Chicago Bulls. I think the Heat will win it all next year, but we'll see who is right when basketball season rolls around again. The Whale joined in towards the end of the show, and I played him a version of the Andy Griffith Show theme with lyrics because he had been interested in hearing that. We finished the show up with a Vertically Striped Music recommendation, where Craig recommends the song "The Cave" by Mumford & Sons. All in all, a solid effort, even if it was cut short to only an hour due to Craig having to leave to go to the Rockies game at Coors Field tonight. (Rockies won 4-2 over the Padres, by the way!)

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